The Abiding Companion

The Abiding Companion offers friendly insight and personal application with an essay written for each of the New Testament’s 260 chapters. That’s almost nine months of daily reading (or a year’s worth of Monday through Friday sessions) if you read a Bible chapter and its corresponding essay each day.

Here you’ll find an imaginative “exclusive interview” with the apostle Paul, and a letter from a Roman soldier who guarded him. There’s a page from Simon Peter’s diary, and the testimony of a man who experienced Peter’s hostile aggression and Jesus’ healing compassion in the same dark evening. You’ll hear a life-saving warning from a rain-soaked stranger, and learn a simple but effective three-step plan for dealing with difficult people.

And that’s only six days; there are 254 more daily essays in this book. Some of them will make you smile, and others will call you to search your heart. The messages are centered in Jesus Christ and his cross, and celebrate God’s saving, strengthening, sustaining grace.

Veteran Bible teacher and preacher Michael B. McElroy is your companion for this journey through the New Testament. He offers gentle guidance and encouragement as you abide in the Word of God each day.

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